Hight Consulting, LLC

Please Note:

In April, 2020, I relocated from Whidbey Island, WA to Central Maryland, near Annapolis. I continue to consult and provide testimony concerning good faith property and liability claim handling. Now an inactive member of the Washington State Bar Association, I offer these services through Hight Consulting, LLC. New contact information is provided in this website.


Property and Liability Insurance

Property and liability insurance lends a measure of financial predictability and security to commercial ventures and personal risk exposures. Its fundamental importance in our lives is reflected in the various state statutory, regulatory and common law frameworks which govern its sale, financial management and claim handling.

Good Faith

Overarching the many legal technicalities, however, is the general rule that all persons involved in insurance transactions should act in good faith, abstain from deception and practice honesty and equity in all insurance matters.

Expert Testimony

My role as an insurance expert witness is to assist a jury (or judge) in applying this broad notion of fairness to the facts of a particular insurance dispute – investigation, communications, coverage interpretations (defense, indemnity), valuation and resolution.

Claim Handling

Testifying – knowledgeably – on these issues calls upon a range of experience at the intersection of insurance industry custom and practice, policy interpretation, litigation, injury valuation, property loss appraisal, and deployment and oversight of field and forensic experts – all with sensitivity to the burden and stress insureds undergo in dealing with claims.

Background and Work Product

I invite you to explore this web site to learn about my background, training and experience. Also, take a look at excerpts from some of my recent federal court written reports. I can be reached by telephone at (206) 601-0492.